The Vasas Jégcentrum area should be used only for destination properly. The user should be without prejudice to Vasas Jégcentrum of current legal standards, provisions or rules contained in this policy.

For safe operation, visitors, in the territory of the Vasas Jégcentrum, must be complied with in full the facility workers to the requests of the instructions and warnings.

General rules:

  • The ice-skating rink everyone can use at your own risk, any, in the ice and in the establishment of an accident shall not be responsible for the Vasas Jégcentrum.
  • During making ice, on ice, is prohibited and dangerous to stay! We cannot make ice if any unauthorized person is staying on the ice.
  • For person under the influence of  alcohol or drug, who is loud and misbehaving, is prohibited to the stay in the area of the Vasas Jégcentrum.
  • The territory of Vasas Jégcentrum smoking is strictly prohibited! (Smoking allowed only on selected external area)
  • Strictly prohibited to bring any kind of animal to the territory of Vasas Jégcentrum!
  • In the territory of ball-Vasas Jégcentrum continuation of ball or other games is prohibited!
  • To enter the area Vasas Jégcentrum with roller blade, any rolling means of transport and bike IS PROHIBITED!
  • Without the permission of the operator of a commercial activity, advertising, propaganda (posters, advertising tables, leaflets, etc.), illicit gambling, create audio and video content is prohibited!
  • To go into the territory of Vasas Jégcentrum indicated with cordon and otherwise areas, is forbidden!
  • Only the areas reserved for our guests and the audience, allowed for traffic and stay, all technical and operational area allowed to go into and stay is dangerous and IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
  • We do not accept liability for valuables accommodated in cabinets, changing rooms and is located in the cloakrooms. Please use the safes on the rinks. Keys at the security guard.
  • There are cameras in the building. Entering the building, you give your permition of taking film of you and your children.

Rules for public skaters:

  • During the public skating period, step on ice is required to heating up the armband presented.
  • On the ice-skating rink area shall be prohibited collective game (hockey, be coerced, ball game, etc.) play, jump and speed skating.
  • During public skating, schooling allowed only those who has Vasas Jégcentrum’s permission.
  • It is prohibited during public skating, to skate against thread direction, grouping on ice and to prevent continuous skate progress! 
  • In order to maintain the order group of director to act throughout the ice-skating rink. Any vandalism in the ice Hall entails of financial responsibility.
  • We do not accept liability for valuables accommodated in cabinets, changing rooms and is located in the cloakrooms.
  • Strictly prohibited to step on ice with shoe, cigarette, paper bag, plastic cup, firework, any kit (backpack) stick or other subject-that could be dangerous!
  • During the public skating only competent persons are allowed to stay at the compound area!
  • Any accidents include mandatory accident should be reported in the Security Service Office. There is a health to perform duties during public ice skating, first aid is in the medical room.
  • Inside of the building, without an edge protecting is allowed to walk only in the basement, and prohibited in other places! Otherwise, the fee for the blade sharpening, as well as the cost of repairs to the damage caused to floor will be charge. Only with edge protector is allowed to walk in skates in the building.

Rules relating to the ice rental:

  • To keep the date of suitable ice time is rigorous mandatory, to derogate from it is strictly prohibited!
  • 5 minutes before the expiry of the first bell indicates the end of the lease time of the ice, at the second bell signal has to leave the ice immediately.
  • Exceeding the time shall be invoiced, on the double hourly rate (1perc/1000Ft) per minute. Multiple exceeding of booking time cases of immediate breakdown of contract.
  • To have the key of the changing room is allowed 30 minutes before the booking period, and 90 minutes before match. It is possible to derogate from it during other events. The key of changing room has to return within 30 minutes after the ice time. Note that stopping the flow of the water and turn off the electricity, failure goes for financial responsibility.
  • The tenant in written form should indicate those persons who are entitled to pick up the key of dressing room and drying room include the entire season. The designated person entitled by the key card attesting by Jégpalota to the person signing the key recorder must provide proof of the recording, and it also might have to move back to the key into the security service. The person, who receiving the key is responsible of the things in the dressing room. There is a safe deposit box with a key in each ice ring which is available to the tenants, if necessary, ask for the security service of the person authorized to do so.
  • At the beginning of the use of changing rooms must be indicated, if present, otherwise, evidence of the damage incurred to the tenant for invoicing.
  • Every team can have one changing room for workout. The rent includes electricity and water supply, and making ice.
  • During training and match is prohibited to stay next to the dash board! (except: schooling for beginners)
  • In all cases of training only under the supervision of a coach is allowed to be on ice, remove tools from ice at the end is always the task for the training team before leaving ice. Has to be put in good order during icetime.
  • Any match in the ice rink should be organised only after preliminary coordination with Ice Arena. Participation of doctor on the game is obligatory.
  • To warm up for match allowed only in a designated place.

Those who failure to comply with the rules set out in the policy should to be ban.

Admission to the territory of the Vasas Jégcentrum the Policy shall be deemed automatically.

Vasas Jégcentrum