RapidShot shooting pad

For the first time in Hungary at the Vasas Jégcentrum!

RapidShot® is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures shooting accuracy, shooting speed, reaction time and is thus a leader in the development and analysis of hockey skills.

All you have to do is download the RapidShot Members app from google / app store and here you can track your shooting sequences or start and turn off the machine using the QR code. If you would like to try it out, register at https://lopad.vjc.hu/ and you can book an appointment! This requires prepayment by credit card. 30 minute time interval contains 25 minutes shot. The date cannot be canceled, there is no refund, but can be moved to another time. Time transfers within 24 hours are not possible. The key can be picked up at the security service and handed over there.

Instructions for use and description can be found at RapidShot!

15 minutes shooting time is 3.000 Ft

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