About Vasas Jégcenrtum

We have two ice ring with international permit waits whole year who likes to skate.
Central ring has 2000 seats and training ring has a long balcony and its size is the same wiht cener ring, 1800 m2.


Training ring

Vasas Jégcentrum as a training camp

With a special thermo cover, the centerring is suitable to accept further 1000-1500 person.

This area is suitable for concerts, konferences and company meetings and events.

Other rentable areas:

Meeting room:

for 12 prson.

Ballet room - basement:

35 m2, with floor made of wood,
and mirrors around the wall.

Ballet room - first floor

around 80 m2, with floor made of
sport rubber, and mirrors on the wall.

Sport field - outside:

20x30m with sport rubber.

Our huge hall has a buffet, which can support 200 person, but on events there is possiblity for other cathering to bring.

Event organization

Due to the extraordinary attributes and acoustics of the hall, it is suitable for organizing theater productions, ice circus, ice shows, ice disco, company parties, conferences, classical and pop music concerts, and even parties. We are also able to hold both ice and dry parties at the same time. We look forward to your request.

Garas Krisztina
event organisator
Mobil: +36 30 949 4600