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1046 Budapest Homoktövis u 1. Tel: +36 1 435 20 60 Fax:+36 1 232 13 01 E-mail: info@vjc.hu
1046 Budapest Homoktövis u 1. Tel: +36 1 435 20 60 Fax:+36 1 232 13 01 E-mail: info@vjc.hu


The well known Finta Stúdió made the plan for Budapest Jégpalota in 2003. There is no more icering like Jégpalota in midle Europe, it has two icerink with international permission (1800 m2). This sportbuilding is open in whole year, with M0 highway and wiht the new bridge you can reach it easily. We wait our visitors with a lot of green areas and wiht enough parking place.

This arena is suitable for concerts, company and other events.

With a special thermo covering we can give place for 1000-1500 persons further more. 

Our training rink is 1800 m2, and has a long balcony.

Other rental possibilities:

Ballet room: 35 m2 wiht wood flooring and mirrors on the wall.
Sport field: covered with recortan and has lightening
Shooting pad: especially for icehockey players
Sport carpet: acc. 50 m2, special rubber for different sports.

Application and information:Németh Éva, T: 1/435-2064, nemeth.eva@jegpalota.hu

In our huge hall there is a buffet which is good to serve about 200 people, but for events there is a possibility to have other cathering company.

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