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1046 Budapest Homoktövis u 1. Tel: +36 1 435 20 60 Fax:+36 1 232 13 01 E-mail: info@vjc.hu
1046 Budapest Homoktövis u 1. Tel: +36 1 435 20 60 Fax:+36 1 232 13 01 E-mail: info@vjc.hu


Tickets to our programs available at the cash desk, which opens half hour before the program start and we close half hour before it ends. 
Not necessary to by ticket for a non skating attendant.
Ice ring general and cash desk information: 1/435-2063

Week days:

Entrance fee: 1.350 Ft/occasion                           Student ticket: 1.100 Ft / occasion
Friday: 2.000 Ft/occasion
Family ticket: 1.900 Ft 1 adult + 1 children under 14                                                      
2.000 Ft 1 adult + 2 children                                                                    
2.650 Ft 1 adult + 3 children
1.000 Ft additional + 1 adult only with family ticket                                                                   
Amateur hockey: Monday and Thursday 3.000 Ft / occasion
10.000 Ft/ Season ticket(valid for 5 weeks)

Weekend and Holydays

Entrance fee:                   2.000 Ft / occasion                         Student ticket: 1.650 Ft / occasion
Family ticket                   2.900 Ft  1 adult + 1 children under 14                                                       
                  3.300 Ft  1 adult + 2 children                                                                     
                  3.800 Ft  1 adult + 3 children                                                                     
Teaching:  2.650 Ft / occasion (available for public skating too)                                                       


Skate rental: 

1.100 Ft / pair / occasion - sizes: from 23 - till 48
( with 10.000 Ft deposit)

Skate aid for rent (seal, penguin, pandas or polar bear)

From Monday to Thursday: 1.000 Ft/occasion
From Friday till Sunday and on holyday: 1.500 Ft/occasion

(Only with 12.000 Ft deposit. I you won't bring back the card, only 10.000 deposit will be returned.)

     Deposit will be return after bringing back the items and the signed paper by cashier. You have to bring back the key of the locker, otherwise you loose your deposit which we will spend on changing the lock.

Protectors for rent

Helmet, elbow pads, kneecap: 200 Ft/protector/occasion
Edge protection: free for rented skates, 200 Ft for the brought skate
(only with 1.000 Ft deposit)


Available during public skate time next to skate rental area.

 Season ticket: 8.400 Ft/ 10 occasion(weekend and holyday means two occasion, 500 the card which can be fill up with 10 occasion for 7.900 Ft), 

valid for one month  

 Student/pensioner season ticket:    7.000 Ft/ 10 occasion(weekend and holyday means two occasion), valid for one month,
plus 500,- for the card et the frist time - 
presentation of a pensioner's/student card is required  


Discount for groups over 10 people, 10 ticket purchase
11 persons free to move on ice.
This discount is only available by appointment.
(telephone: 1 / 435-2060 or by e-mail: info@jegpalota.hu)

Dear our visitors! We ask 2.000 Ft as a deposit for the lockers. We give this money back after you return the key!

The cash desk  half an hour before the scheduled program opens and a half hours before the end of the program lock.

You can pay by card and cash.
We accept SZÉP Kártya as well!


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